Our Process

We make the process of selecting your new stone surface as smooth as the surface itself.

The Plan.

It’s been said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Luckily, we’ve got planning down to a science. From start to finish, we follow your project with precision.

The first step in getting the perfect look is selecting your material.

Stone is timeless because it’s real. Curated from it’s natural place in the earth and refined to last in your home for years to come. Our diversity of stone options at reasonable price points make stone an achievable goal for our customers.

Delivers elegant beauty and supreme performance. It is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a maintenance-free surface with stunning aesthetics. With several brands and types to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you want.

Complete your plan by selecting a height and edge. 

We offer six standard complimentary edges to select from.

Upgrade your counter with one of our many other edges. 

We can accommodate a matching stone backsplash.

Quartz White Vanity 2 600x300

4" to 6" Backsplash

Granite Kitchen 6 600x300

Full Height Backsplash

This is more of a design selection, rather than a function of the room. 4″ to 6″ backsplash is common in kitchens and bathrooms and gives a continuous flow to the countertops.

Adding full height backsplash in the kitchen can showcase your stone, making it a statement piece.

Choose your sink type and then check out the sinks we carry. 

Topmount and undermount are two of the most popular sink choices. Topmount sinks sit on top of the counter and are less expensive to install, but tougher to keep clean.

Undermount sinks sit under the countertop providing a clean and modern look.

Farmhouse sinks have an exposed panel in the front that is merely a design preference rather than a functional choice.

5. Digital Template

We will digitize your project with our industry leading digital templator. You can rest assured you will get a custom fit for your project.

6. Fabricate

Our state of the art machinery and experienced staff work hard to make your project shine.

7. Installation

Our installation professionals will bring your vision to life.

Driven by Customer Satisfaction